Massive Hotdog Recall Members

Who are these fools?

Well,  these are some guys in Kent, Ohio . . .

Al Mothersbaugh is the singer in the band and writer of these twisted lyrics. He’s quite a guy. Trombone player. Cuyahoga Fall High School Marching Band member. Al made quite the impression playing the ‘bone while he was swinging from the rafters at JB’s and a thousand other places around the USA with the Twist-Offs. Al is also the owner of Akron Glass Tinting . Get your sun under control. Call Al for that stuff.

Dave Sacchini is the very gyratin’ guitar player and the antagonist of the above Al. Another loveable guy who always has something to say. Dave was the owner of Moondog Studio in Kent, OH (pro tip: Son of Dog soon to come). Reserve your hours now! Dave engineered and mixed the ‘Pissin in Pedro’ album. Call Dave for all of your office product needs. or riffs… or some studio time with beautiful vintage gear.

Dave Sacchini Rock God

Nick Sacchini is Dave’s son. He’s our drummer, but he’s not a drummer. Nick is a brilliant guitar player who plays drums because his Dad made him do it. He’s a monster. Hardest working man in MHDR, and that’s not saying much.  Make sure you give Nick a pinch when you see him around town in Kent.

Nick Sacchini is a badass

Rob Lightbody plays bass. He’s currently an architectural photographer and real estate agent / property manager and does marketing for small business. Rob was a front guy in Dink way back when.